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For owners and managers of real estate, energy management may not always be a top priority. That’s where our Real Estate Collective comes in, offering the specialist knowledge and exceptional service that real estate professionals need. We negotiate the lowest energy rates, arrange favourable contracts for vacant properties, and deploy smart meters when necessary. We also provide tailored invoicing solutions and advise on sustainable property practices. EnergieLive’s Real Estate Collective offers the necessary expertise, flexibility and operational clout.

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From owner to manager

Thanks to the strength of the Real Estate Collective you gain access to collective benefits. Joining forces with your industry peers ensures the lowest rates and the best contract terms and conditions.

You will have a dedicated account manager who will answer all your energy-related questions and will help you meet all legal requirements concerning sustainability.

In short, we will manage absolutely everything for you, from A to Z!

The benefits of the Real Estate Collective

  • The most competitive rates and the best terms and conditions
  • Real-time monitoring of your meters through the Monitoring Service
  • Leveraging the volumes of your industry peers
  • Dedicated account manager with experience in your sector
  • Comprehensive guidance in sustainability from A to Z
  • Favourable contracts for vacant properties and customized invoicing

Organizations that we have worked with

Caransa Groep
Heyen Beheer
Leliveld Vastgoed

Our professional team is at your disposal

Comprehensive energy management meticulously organized from start to finish, with every query addressed in precise language. Our commitment: 100% client satisfaction.

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